Architecture, Modelling & Design

Architect and design all aspects of a software solution to definitively express business and customer requirements, existing or new business process models, mapping to various types of solution models that describe the state of the solution, its interactions and the infrastructure within which the software will be deployed.

Architecture and Design tools make use of standard UML, domain-specific languages for specialized modeling and industry-specific standards (DoDAF, UPIA, etc.) for universally accepted communication between software delivery teams, and provide the bridge between requirements management and actual solution development by ensuring traceability and flexibility for future software enhancements. These solutions also provide architectural pattern analysis for the identification of best practices as well as concerns in a defined solution to improve the reliability and security of the designed software. Examples: Rational Modeler, Rational Professional Bundle, Rational Rose Enterprise, Rational Software Modeler

Rational Application Developer Standard Edition for WebSphere Software
Comprehensive Eclipse-based rapid application development for software developers to quickly design, develop, analyze, test, profile and deploy high-quality Web, SOA, Java, J2EE and portal applications. View more information »

Rational Asset Manager
Helps create, modify, govern, find and reuse any type of development assets, including SOA and systems development assets. View more information »

Rational Logiscope
Static analysis and test coverage tools for software quality management. View more information »

Rational Modeler
Specifies, visualizes, documents systems and software designs using UML at no charge. View more information »

Rational Rhapsody Design Manager
IBM Rational Rhapsody Design Manager based on jazz platform enables collaborative design management of UML/SysML models authored by Rational Rhapsody and shared on a central location accessible with web browser or Rational Rhapsody client. View more information »

Rational Rose
Accelerates database design by providing a sophisticated visual modeling environment.And Developer Edition is a full visual modeling environment based on the Unified Modeling Language (UML). It includes code generation support for Java and J2EE models, Visual C++ and Visual Basic 6 languages. View more information »

Rational Software Analyzer
Enables and automates static analysis code reviews very early in the development cycle. View more information »

Rational Software Architect
The leading solution for accelerating software development and deployment, optimized for JEE, SOA, and WebSphere. View more information »

Rational System Architect
Visualize, analyze, and communicate your enterprise architecture, supporting enterprise change and transformation. View more information »