Product, Project and Portfolio Management

Rational product, project and portfolio management solutions help companies to align software and product investments to business objectives and to improve predictability of project success through best practice guidance and measurement.

»Rational product management solutions improve the predictability of product success with better decision-making by keeping focus on delivery of customer value. The solutions help you automate many of the tactical activities that consume so much of a product manager's time, so you can select the right products and features and deliver them to the right market segment at the right time.

»Rational project management software optimizes project delivery. It enables program and project managers to drive consistent, predictable performance across teams and deliverables with planning, methodology, and work item management that can be applied to all divisions of an enterprise.

»Rational portfolio management solutions deliver enterprise product, project, and application portfolio management solutions to align investments with business objectives and to maximize business value, while maintaining a constant focus on customer and stakeholder needs. These solutions provide deep analytical, collaborative, and measurement capabilities to ensure that investment due diligence results in value-driven outcomes with reduced risk and overall cost.

Rational Focal Point

Provides a configurable decision support platform for product and portfolio management. View more information »

Rational Insight

Performance measurement solution for the Rational Software Development Platform. View more information »

Rational Method Composer

A flexible process platform that includes the Rational Unified Process. View more information »

Rational Project Conductor

Provides a collaborative project management solution optimized for software and systems projects. View more information »

Rational Publishing Engine

Automates documentation generation from Telelogic and Rational products and third party tools. View more information »