Application Security

Rational AppScan Product line

»Build Edition IBM Rational AppScan® Build Edition. AppScan® Build Edition embeds web application security testing into the existing build management workflow to provide scalable, automated security testing early in the software development process.

»Enterprise Edition IBM Rational AppScan® Enterprise Edition is a Web-based, multi-user Web application security solution that provides centralized security scanning, data consolidation and reporting, remediation capabilities, executive dashboards, compliance reporting and seamless integration with AppScan Standard Edition.

»Express Edition IBM Rational AppScan® Express Edition v7.8 Affordable Web application security testing for small and mid-sized organizations. Delivers all of the value and benefits of AppScan® Standard Edition in a solution tailored for smaller organizations.

»OnDemand Identifies and prioritizes Web Application Security vulnerabilities via SaaS Model.

»OnDemand Production Site Monitoring Monitors production Web content and sites for security vulnerabilities via SaaS Model.

»Rational AppScan Source Edition AppScan Source Edition helps security analysts, auditors and compliance managers strengthen application security, protect confidential information, and improve governance, risk management and compliance

»Standard Edition | IBM Rational AppScan® Standard Edition is the advanced desktop solution for automating web application security testing.

»Tester Edition AppScan® Tester Edition, web security, application security, security tools, compliance, vulnerability assessment, code analysis, static analysis, dynamic analysis, string analysis, quality management.